Young Order Seminar

Towards Insight – Three Myths

Following on from leading a retreat at Adhisthana (and working on a book) with Maitreyabandhu, Jnanavaca will lead a day-long online seminar, for young order members, exploring Samadhi and Prajna in the context of the three myths of self-development, self-discovery, and self-surrender. It’s your chance to go a bit deeper, and ask your questions, into a metaphor that’s rapidly gaining traction within the order.

Ordained in 1999 by Subhuti, Jnanavaca worked at the London Buddhist Centre for 20 years, ending a 9 year period of being Chair in 2018. Jnanavaca marked the end of his time as chair with a 6-month solitary retreat (‘possibly the happiest period of his life’) and is now president of the Cambridge Buddhist Centre and a deputy chair within the college of public preceptors. His qualities of friendliness, humour, wisdom and patience (as well as his unusual laugh!) are known and loved by many people.

Sat 5 Dec | 10am – 3.15pm (UK time) | For order members aged 35 or less

9.50 – Arrive (+ sort out any tech issues)
10.00 – Introduce yourself in breakout group

10.15 – Jnanavaca on ‘Self Development’
10.55 – Discussion groups
11.15 – Q&A

11.30 – Tea Break

11.45 – Jnanavaca on ‘Self Surrender’
12.15 – Discussion groups
12.40 – Q&A

1.00 – Lunch

2.00 – Jnanavaca on ‘Self-Discovery’
2.30 – Discussion groups
2.50 – Q&A
3.10 – Closing remarks
3.15 – End